About us

Founded in 2015, HR Studio is a bespoke consultancy for small to medium sized businesses who need the same quality HR services as a large corporate but an HR solution that can be tailored to their size and budget.

HR Studio offers specialist Human Resources services across various industries. A group of specialists that pride themselves on becoming subject matter experts in your business, the HR Studio team merges seamlessly with your organisation and culture. With people being your business’s most critical asset, HR Studio is committed to ensuring your employees achieve their full potential, work efficiently and most importantly provide value to your business.

HR Studio’s immersive approach ensures support and continuity throughout the employment lifecycle, leaving you to do what you do best and grow your business exponentially.

We aim to enable SMEs to build exceptional work environments that source and incubate talent to ensure higher productivity, quality results and low employee turnover.

Stacy Perlstein (Managing Director)

Stacy founded HR Studio in 2015 in a bid to support small- to medium-sized entities not receiving the same quality HR services that larger corporates receive from in-house facilities. From your corner mom and pop shop to some of South Africa’s most innovative start-ups, her dedication to each client irrespective of their size is unwavering.

Stacy obtained her Bachelor of Commerce in Industrial Psychology from the University of Johannesburg in 2008 and completed her Honours in Organizational Psychology at the University of Cape Town in 2009.

During her final year of study, she was selected for an internship at Grassroot Soccer, a forward thinking NGO in Cape Town. During her time there, Stacy shadowed and assisted the Human Resources Manager and was exposed to all aspects of the Human Resources function. Directly after her first internship, she was selected for a second internship with Clicks Group Limited, gaining strong exposure to all aspects of HR within a large JSE listed entity.

Stacy then joined the HR team at HomeChoice (Pty) Ltd in 2010 as the Training and Recruitment Officer. After two successful years with the organization, she relocated to Johannesburg in 2011 to further her career. She was appointed as a Divisional HR Officer at The Smollan Group, where she further expanded her HR expertise. In 2013, Stacy joined Maby Corporate Clothing, J Gross and Co and ChefWorks as the Group HR Manager. The three entities had recently merged following a private equity buyout and over a relatively short period of time, Stacy developed and implemented a full HR department, ensuring all HR policies and procedures as well as best practices were implemented throughout the merged business. In addition, Stacy expanded the scope of her responsibilities to include effective change management within various areas of the operation. This was a critical area in bedding down the merger and the diverse cultures of the three businesses.