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  • April 15, 2021

Back to HR Basics

Back to HR Basics

Back to HR Basics 600 800 HR Studio

Over the last year, businesses have had to take extraordinary measures to support employees and ensure business continuity. While some of these interventions, such as more flexible working models and increased levels of empathy are likely to prevail post pandemic, now is an excellent opportunity to revisit the HR basics  – for the benefit of both your company and employees

Stop, recruit and select

Some businesses have seen a flurry of resignations over the past few months as people resigned due to fatigue, depression or in pursuit of more money. While you may need to fill vacancies fast, recruiting and selecting the right candidates is key. People are the lifeblood of any organisation so rather do it properly than rush it. Whether in person or virtually, ensuring a comprehensive interview process and thorough vetting of candidates is so important

Cost of a contract

Don’t get sloppy with your paperwork because it will cost you big time later. A contract of employment is designed to keep the employer safe and keep employees honest in the workplace. The reality is that often the importance of having this contract in place is only realised when it’s too late and either the employer or employee finds themself with a disciplinary issue with little recourse

Let them have leave

Many companies have been more lenient with leave over the last few months understanding the emotional drain on employees. But managing employees’ leave properly is important. Not only in terms of setting a precedent post pandemic but also in terms of ensuring that the business is getting the most out of its people and that your people are getting the time off they need. Every employee is entitled to both annual and sick leave.

Track performance 

While not a requirement of the law, regular performance management ensures that employees know what is expected of them and helps employers identify those candidates deserving of incentive bonuses.   And in cases where employees continue to work remotely, this is even more important to ensure productivity. Performance reviews should be taken seriously – it’s more than just a regular hello, how are you check-in. Both parties need to prepare, ascertain what is working and what is not working ahead of time for a robust and open conversation. Put phones and laptops away too!

You don’t have to go at it alone

From contracts to performance reviews, managing employees is an entire stream of work on its own. Most business owners need to focus on the business at hand so rather than skimp or gloss over important processes, join forces with the right partner to manage your people, so you can manage the bottom line. HR support is also important as your business expands to ensure that you are compliant with all legal requirements and the right processes are in place.

HR Studio is here to support you every step of the way.