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Insights from all female team on Women’s Month 1024 576 HR Studio

Insights from all female team on Women’s Month

Wise words from our all female team this women’s month

As a female owned and led business, HR Studio prides itself on its full house of women. This Women’s Month we are celebrating the formidable individuals who make up our team.

It all begins with Stacy Perlstein, who opened the doors to HR Studio in 2015 with the intention to better support small to medium sized businesses who deserve and need the same HR support as any large enterprise.

MD and founder,  Stacy believes in empowering other women, nurturing their development and allowing them to be the best versions of themselves – and ‘rule the world’ as she likes to say. She cites one of her greatest personal challenges as not being treated equally and with respect by some of the men with whom she engages.  However they can certainly eat her dust now given that Stacy has grown her business and team tenfold in 6 years with every intention to continue to grow and scale. As for Stacy’s advice when faced with a corporate bully, “Don’t forget who you are, never let anyone tell you, you are not worthy, you are a strong intelligent woman so stand up for yourself. When you are done doubting yourself the real magic happens.”

Of course running your own business can often come at great personal cost. Stacy believes it is critical to take care of yourself physically and mentally to succeed professionally. Stacy has worked hard to create a space that allows people to make an impact in the work they do and be part of a team that is underpinned by kindness and empathy. “At HR Studio, I want people to feel like queens and partners – not another employee”

Her words to other women this month, courtesy of her favourite author Dr Seuss  “So be sure when you step, Step with care and great tact. And remember that life’s A Great Balancing Act. And will you succeed? Yes! You will, indeed! (98 and ¾ percent guaranteed) Kid, you’ll move mountains.”

Jody Treger, Head of Recruitment who has been at HR Studio just shy of 5 years and says that working with all women is a privilege “there is a comfort level between us that facilitates ongoing collaboration. There are no egos and a mutual respect for each other.” Having worked in environments where despite her qualifications, Jody was often delegated to the ‘tea lady’ she often quips about not joining HR Studio sooner.

When it comes to being a woman in a corporate world Jody believes you have to draw the line on what you will and won’t accept when it comes to gender stereotypes and offensive behaviour from male counterparts. “Draw your own line in the sand. No one has the right to dull your sparkle. You are fierce and strong.”

Married with a 6 month old daughter, Jody describes being Lily’s mom as her greatest personal milestone this last year. And working at HR Studio allows her to do what she loves with the flexibility to be the mom that she wants to be too. 

Her words to other women this month – “Live, love, laugh, leave a legacy.” – Stephen Covey

Amanda Ninow, a Senior Recruitment Consultant for HR Studio since April 2021 describes the office as a bunch of professional, exciting sisters doing it for themselves.  Amanda believes that HR Studio proves that women are strong enough and more than capable to run a business entirely on their own.

As for working in an all female office, Amanda says “we all get each other and have each other’s backs. We come together to ensure that we succeed as a united front.”

Having worked in the male dominant IT world, Amanda is familiar with being second guessed and side-lined by male clients which has forced her to work even harder over the years to win them over. Which she did!. Her advice to women who may find themselves in a similar situation? “Be the change you want to see” Amanda says. “stay true to yourself and prove those that disrespect you or bully you, wrong.  And always remember your self-worth is not reliant on any one – just yourself.”

Today,  Amanda prides herself on finding the best talent to meet the needs of her dynamic clients.  Her words to other women this month “For all its anguish, life is ours!  AND Sharks are born swimming”

Suzette De Beer our Operations and HR Office at HR Studio has been with us for almost four years. As her first job, Suzette couldn’t have asked for a more supportive environment describing her onboarding as patient, caring, supported and motivated. “They taught me everything I know” Suzette says, “it has been an amazing journey and I would not be in the position I am today if not for their mentorship, motivation and drive to be my best.”

Suzette describes HR Studio as a place that brings women together to support, and learn from each other both personally and professionally. 

As one of the most organised people at HR Studio, when it comes to finding a work life balance Suzette says that planning allows her to prioritise ensuring time for everything she needs to get done in the day. With that said don’t beat yourself up if things don’t always go according to plan “At the end of the day, you are only one person. It is not humanly possible to do everything all at once. Set realistic timelines for yourself.”

Her words to other women this month, “Live every day like it’s your last. Work hard and stay humble”

Calli Rosin, Head of Administration and PA to the MD joined HR Studio wanting to be part of a powerful group of women making a difference in the lives of others. “With the levels of unemployment so high and rising in the country, I am proud to be part of a team working to help people find jobs”

One of Calli’s greatest challenges as a working mom is juggling her career with taking care of her special needs son. This is why working at HR Studio has been a safe place to land with it’s incredible support culture. 

“We work in an environment when we can speak openly and honestly as a team. I feel understood and surrounded by empathy for each other. This is all underpinned by our common motivation to be the best we can be”

Her words to women this month – “You will be okay because there is no other option; There can be miracles when you believe”

Mologadi Mojapelo is a  Junior Recruitment Consultant about to celebrate a full year at HR Studio who loves the supportive culture of the business. 

Mo feels strongly that women must take a stand against disrespect in the workplace and not saying anything now will create a bigger problem for future generations. 

A big believer in having a work life balance Mo believes that working from home has blurred the line between work and down time and encourages women to switch off at the end of the day. “It’s important to unplug and enjoy those moments”

Her words to women this month – “Be the reason someone smiles today” you never know what challenges a person goes through in a day and a smile from a random person can be enough to elevate their mood”

Risha Singh will celebrate a year at HR Studio next month. An Industrial Relations expert, Risha is hands on with clients dealing with sensitive and interpersonal issues on a daily basis. This is why working in an enthusiastic, vibrant and understanding work environment is so important for Risha

“There is an element of sensitivity in our office, a sense of understanding each other’s professional and personal issues which is comforting particularly during stressful times.” In her line of work, Risha deals with extreme and often unpredictable personalities requiring her to exude calm under pressure.

On that note Risha doesn’t mince her words when it comes to advising on how to handle inappropriate office conduct. “Stand up and speak out. Lodge a grievance and escalate the matter to management immediately so that action can be taken against the perpetrator” 

Risha finds fulfillment in her work against the current climate of the pandemic and rising unemployment. “We are able to assist and help businesses grow which, irrespective of  whether it’s a small business, ultimately contributes to the improvement of the economy and the creation of more jobs. We support our clients with critical HR work so that they have peace of mind to focus their energies on the main function which is running their business.”

Her words to women this month “Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten”

And there you have it from the formidable women of HR Studio for the month of August. If some of these personal or professional insights and anecdotes resonate with you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.