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  • September 20, 2021

Diversity and common values – room in the boardroom for both

Diversity and common values – room in the boardroom for both

Diversity and common values – room in the boardroom for both 511 484 HR Studio

As a group of women at different stages in our lives and of different races, religions and cultures of course we have varying opinions and approaches to how we do things at HR Studio. But as opposed to a source of conflict, this is what ignites our dynamism, effectiveness and success.

“Workplace diversity has taken the corporate and HR world by storm,” says HR Studio MD and founder Stacy Perlstein “It is critical that as employers we ensure diversity and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace to make sure our teams are set up for success. Focusing on DEI is not only beneficial for your business, McKinsey research has found that organisations in the top quartile for workforce diversity are 33% more likely to financially outperform less diverse competition, but it is also the right thing to do as we empower our communities.”

At the same time, amidst our diversity, having a clear set of company values is equally important. This helps everyone in the business to understand what you stand for and invest in the same vision. At HR Studio living out our values in our day to day engagements is important to us. This Heritage Day we are celebrating our diversity as well as our common values namely; Be real; Make a difference; Do the right thing; Spread your wings and We are the A team to ensure we always give our best to our clients and each other.

‘For me, the value that most resonates with my day to day approach is BE REAL” says Stacy “not only in terms of who we are as honest and real people but in relation to what we can do for our clients. We will never sugar coat a challenge a business is facing which makes us a strategic partner committed to finding a solution. And off the back of our differences, our combined experiences allow us to curate the best solution for our clients and MAKE A DIFFERENCE in their businesses.”

“A business’s values should offer employees a north star to which we can live up to and can use as a tool to support us through challenging times and tough situations,” says Mologadi Mojapelo, Junior Recruitment Consultant. “For me, the value DO THE RIGHT THING rings loudly in my head every time I find myself uncertain on what to do next.”

Her sentiment is echoed by IR Specialist Risha Singh who adds that DO THE RIGHT THING’ is the most important value when it comes to authentic client counsel and support. 

Working in a diverse environment maps to the value of SPREAD OUR WINGS says Head of Recruitment Jody Treger. ‘We are constantly learning from each other’s experiences and insights. The skills transfer between us is hands-on and ongoing, ultimately allowing us all to grow and develop as people and professionals.’ 

This is certainly the case for Suzette De Beer HR and Operations Office who has flourished since joining HR Studio as her first job. ‘I have certainly spread my wings while working at HR Studio. Not only have I been given the opportunity to grow and develop as an individual but lessons from the team at large have been priceless for me. There is no doubt that diversity breeds learning and growth.”

“Working with a team who supports each other’s strengths is so refreshing compared to the fiercely competitive environments I have experienced before,” says Calli Rosen, PA and Head of Administration. “Our valueWE ARE THE A TEAM is a true reflection of the incredible women I work with every day and inspires me to do what I do.”

“A business that has set and clear company values is poised to attract those people with whom the values resonate “ says Amanda Ninow, Senior Recruitment Consultant. “this ultimately leads to creating an environment that allows people to work together effectively and harmoniously and who doesn’t want a working environment like that?” 

If you would like to design company values collaboratively in the workplace, please get in touch with us today