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  • October 14, 2021

How insights and analytics can help you, help your employees

How insights and analytics can help you, help your employees

How insights and analytics can help you, help your employees 1024 576 HR Studio

Stacy Perlstein, CEO and founder of HR Studio and Shawn Cloete, Managing Partner of  Teamphoria EMEA bring a ton of energy to a Zoom call in the middle of the week. Both deeply committed to what they do and all fired up to ensure they deliver for their clients, it is clear they are experts in their respective fields. Both in the business of employee engagement and management, there is no doubt that right now, most business owners could use some help supporting their people.

While HR Studio is in the business of supporting people professionally and emotionally in a more one to one working environment,  Teamphoria are in the business of helping you create and nurture the company culture you want with bespoke employee engagement software.

With a front row seat to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on human resources and industrial relations, Stacy knows all too well the importance of ensuring employee morale and engagement. “Happy and engaged employees are more productive which at the end of the day results in a better output and satisfied clients.”

With Teamphoria, Stacy now uses quick surveys to check in on how people are coping and the employee engagement software allows her to  monitor the morale of the team in real time.  “These tools have never been more critical at a time when employee mental wellness has been at risk.” says Shawn “Quick check-ins could mean identifying bigger problems before they happen.” 

“I would also highly recommend these tools for those concerned about talent retention” Stacy adds. “Employee loyalty increases amongst employees who feel recognised for their accomplishments which is why Teamphoria’s employee recognition software is so powerful.”

And for those committed to helping their employees grow and develop, there is a simple and effective employee review option and goal setting function.

People remain the most important asset to any business. Supporting them is critical but also time-consuming when there are so many things to do on any given day. This technology helps you help your employees and with a team like HR Studio supporting the people using this software, your people are in the best hands.  Like we said, for the most energised call you are yet to have this year, get online with Stacy and Shawn now