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Mental Wellness

“What mental health needs is more sunlight, more candor, more unashamed conversation about illnesses that affect not only individuals, but their families as well.”
Glenn Close (Actress)

Your staff and employees are more vulnerable than ever before and need your support. Whether you have an employee whose partner has lost their job, a senior resource juggling e-learning with their children or younger employees who are uncertain about what their future holds in these unprecedented times, you can be sure that someone in your team needs a safe place to talk.

The UN has warned of a mental health crisis and the need for mental health and psychological support to combat the effects. HR Studio is aware of the devastating impact of Covid-19 on employee mental wellness in the last four months which impacts everything from home life and relationships to productivity and output at work. To support our clients, we have partnered with subject matter experts in the field to offer comprehensive and holistic support and counselling.

Your employees are anxious about returning to work, dealing with young children with their own set of worries and grieving various forms of loss. As an employer you have an opportunity to help your people and their families navigate this time setting them up for success both personally and professionally.

For more information or a consultation on how to better support your employees and their families, please get in touch with us. We will be running a series of bespoke webinars, facilitating workshops and private sessions to help you and your employees during and beyond Covid-19.

How it Benefits You

Effective Communication in the time of COVID

Dealing with Adult anxiety/stress response related to COVID

Supporting mental wellness will increase productivity

Effectively managing work and personal relationships in COVID

Living with pervasive loss and grief

Managers toolbox to help manage staff during COVID

Effectively learning how to manage stress of family due to COVID

Do You Need Us In These Unprecedented Times?