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Occupational Health and Safety

Your company is open again and it is back to business. The most important question business owners should be asking now – is my business safe? And why should they be asking this? Because employees are asking – is it safe for me to go back to work!

Getting your office environment ready for your employees to return is important for everyone’s health, well-being, and peace of mind. Naturally, employees are anxious about going back to work with the increased risk of infection and concerned about contracting the virus while at work. As the business owner you want to assure your teams that your business is 100% in line with the Covid-19 Occupational Health & Safety procedures and is a safe place to be.

Ensuring your place of work is compliant is a comprehensive process. You need to consider everything from having the necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE),  adjusting the layout of the office and work areas to ensure safe distancing, having adequate and correct sanitizing measures in place and creating necessary risk protocols to name a few.

It may seem overwhelming, but HR Studio can help your business with all of this. We can ensure your business is compliant and help you communicate important protocols and procedures to your staff as well as identify all the risk areas. These include helping employees who have been exposed or need to know what to do if they think they may be infected.

HR Studio offers the following services and support

Getting your office ready – is it safe to go back?

1. The importance of cleaning, disinfecting, and managing the workspace
2. Critical PPE list and sourcing

Important Covid-19 communication and monitoring – what employees need to know

3. Daily employee questionnaire
4. Staff training and communication
5. Important daily monitoring and protocols
6. Reaction protocols

Staff documents – caring for your employees

7. Training and Communication register
8. Pre issue register
9. Next of kin and personal details

Covid-19 company policy and plans – planning for all eventualities

10. Company Covid-19 Safety Policy
11. Duties of the Employer and Employee Policy
12. Covid-19 Workplace Rules and Policy
13. Company Vehicle Policy
14. Covid-19 Readiness Start-up Plan
15. Method of Work Statement
16. Company Risk Assessment
17. Safe Working Procedures